Business Model

Our business model is to provide innovate software product development and services to ISVs, large enterprise customers specialising in financial services, high-tech and healthcare industry sectors via strategic partners and also directly.

We developed a unique outsourcing delivery model which we call 'virtual R&D unit model'. This is a multi-shore, multi-locale outsourcing model, taking advantage of onsite, near shore and offshore expertise to deliver superior results to our customers at significantly reduced costs. This proven model, ensures that all expertise, be it the customer, partner or offshore partner work together as a single joined-up integrated unit to deliver the success.

Engagement model

A typical software product development project under taken in this model would be something like this: A local team stationed onsite with the customer manages the project programme management office and handles the customer facing component of the project, such as, requirement definition and user interface design. This onsite team will consist of the customer team as integral part of the project team. The onsite team would control the defined portion of the project that requires the interaction with the end users, subject matter experts and software architects onsite. The near shore team will oversee and manage the customer, technical relationships and also the onsite project programme team. In parallel to this, the offshore team would take care of technical design, coding and testing and will deliver the software product back to the near shore, onshore team for onsite acceptance testing and implementation.

This model maximises the efficiency in resources and costs. The uniqueness of this model is to ensure that up to 30% of work is carried out by onshore/near shore expertise and the rest of the work is carried out offshore depending on the nature and criticality of the project. It also benefits from the near 24 hour work cycles, the ability to structure and assemble teams with relevant, appropriate skill sets; lower-cost resources; and the ability to quickly scale (up or down) depending on the requirement.

This proven unique model owes its success to the fact that it enables customers to directly interact with offshore delivery team via the onsite/near shore teams and simultaneously enjoy the benefits of offshoring. In this proven model, we have taken care of the typical offshoring challenges of project management, cross cultural communication, subject matter expertise and supervision of onsite/offshore teams. Our 'virtual R&D unit model' guarantees innovation, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and total cost of adoption (TCA) and lets our customers focus on their core business.

IP Protection

At ZANEC, we are committed to protect our customers' Intellectual Property. In today's competitive global business environment, safeguarding one's IPRs is very essential. Our team has significant firsthand experience in building products. We therefore understand and respect your concerns. We have designed and implemented various mechanisms to assure IP protection:

Organisational commitment

  • Commitment of Top Management ensures that every activity at Zanec is aimed to accomplish Information Security and Intellectual Property Protection.
  • Regular awareness programs are conducted for employees on the essence of data and information security.
  • Culture building activities with all team members at Zanec ensures that every individual is aware of and respects the IP security rights.
  • Information coming in and going out of Zanec are monitored using reliable software. This software also ensures proper access control on the usage of information.
  • Effective backup policies and procedures safe-guard loss of data in any form.
  • We do not allow unfair competitive practices.


  • Contractual Safeguards ensure security of each and every contract made with our customers.
  • Zanec executes an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with each customer, ensuring that all information received and deemed to be confidential will be maintained in confidence.
  • Confidential Documents Control Policy is in place to ensure protection of intellectual property.
  • Any confidential information received from third parties and clients are held in strictest confidence.
  • Every employee of Zanec is required to sign an NDA, an Invention Assignment and a Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Every employee of Zanec working for a particular Customer may sign a Personal Confidentiality Agreement with the Customer, if the customer so wishes.
  • Employees are not allowed to disclose or misuse any proprietary information directly or indirectly.
  • Employees are prohibited from using, copying, publishing, summarizing or removing any proprietary information without prior consent of the company.
  • Employees must disclose all ideas, inventions and relevant information to the company and will be the property of the company.