At ZANEC we believe in Charity and giving back to the society. As members of ZANEC each of us contributes back to the society in various forms.

We engage with a variety of people through a number of initiatives that our people run. Here are a few initiatives that we run.

SOS Children

When we started ZANEC we had a choice of a number of large corporate glass faced offices for the ZANEC India office premises. We however chose a cozy premises situated in Adyar, Chennai since it is owned by SOS. The entire rent of our office goes towards a cause and benefits a number of needy children. In this way we are committed to a cause every month.

Sports and Education @ Chennapuri Annadana Samajam.

A number charitable organisations who take care of children in need across Chennai are more in need of volunteers who could spend quality time.

We at ZANEC recognise this and as a group initiative, a number of our staff go to the Chennapuri Annadana Samajam in RA Puram, Chennai during their spare time in the weekends to engage with Children by way of playing sports. Playing sports with the kids helps our people to connect with the kids better and empowers us to understand their real needs and eventually help them appropriately.

The Chennapuri Annadana Samajam is a philanthropic institution serving the poor, the old, the orphans and the needy for well over 100 years.

Here are a few Photos from our recent activities.

Charity @ ZANEC: Weekend Classes
Charity @ ZANEC: Interactive Sessions
Charity @ ZANEC: Sports and Games
Charity @ ZANEC: Sports and Games