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Our success is based on the success of our customers and partners. Learn about our customers and partners and their experience with ZANEC. Their testimonials are proof of ZANEC's expertise in enhancing their businesses.

ZANEC is a Microsoft certified partner

ZANEC is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

ZANEC uses Microsoft technologies to implement industry specific solutions related to various domains such as HealthCare, Insurance and various other areas.

ZANEC’s Microsoft technology services provides R&D as a Service. ZANEC does cutting edge development using Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint (MOSS\WSS), WCF web services, InfoPath 2007/2010, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft.NET 4.0 framework, Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack (SSAS SQL Server Analysis Services, SSRS - SQL Server Reporting Services, SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services)



CRICO/RMF (http://www.rmf.harvard.edu/ ) is a patient safety and medical malpractice company owned by and serving the Harvard medical community since 1976. CRICO/RMF's proven ability to combine strong insurance protection with expert legal services and best practices in patient safety enables physicians, institutions, and employees to focus their considerable expertise on their patients and their research.

CRICO/RMF was incorporated by the Harvard Medical Institutions in 1979 as a charitable, medical and educational membership organization. Today, CRICO/RMF is an internationally renowned leader in evidence-based risk management, serving more than 11,500 physicians, 25 hospitals, and 240 other health care organizations.


ASE Consulting was founded in 1987 and is established across a wide range of markets providing high quality services which bridge the gap between an organisation's high-level business objectives and technology. Their consultants are chosen for their wide range of experiences and expertise.

ASE enjoys long standing relationships across a number of large and smaller Government Departments within the UK because of its recognised value and approach, which give a breadth of experience that, perhaps uniquely, allows a more holistic view of the public sector and, consequently, a more successful approach to delivery.

ASE is a Commercial and Information Systems Consultancy who support their clients in Bridging the Gap between Business Objectives and Technology solutions.

ASE consultants reflect their proposition - provide experienced, human, practical and talented individuals who work in partnership with their clients on dynamic solutions that enable step change in the clients' chosen markets.


Applied Card Technologies Ltd (ACT) is an independent UK company specialising in the design, development, installation and operation of e-commerce and smart card systems.

ACT's multi-disciplined expertise can be seen primarily in four markets, namely: Retail / Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure and Transport. ACT are leading the way in delivering successful, 'real world' smart card solutions in support of genuine business cases. The unique advantage we offer is experience throughout all aspects of innovative smart card solution provision - from cards and readers, to e-security and back office compatibility. The strength, range and quality of our client base are a strong indication of product excellence and aptitude at ACT.

Visit www.card.co.uk for further information.


Apex Digital Communications is an independent business intelligence company with a vision of transforming data into actionable insights; specialising in the marketing, distribution, installation and operation of business intelligence solutions.Their solutions drive the adoption of a powerful, enterprise intelligence platform that will enable companies of all sizes to harness the power of their data and currently support a wide range of verticals including healthcare, retail, garments, logistics and telecom.

Data Pulse: Data Pulse is Apex Digital Communications' flag ship business analytics product that provides core performance management framework to fulfill the strategic, tactical and operational goals of any organization.

ZANEC is a strategic partner to Apex Digital Communications in product innovation and helps accelerate Apex's time-to-market and fuel substantial growth to a sustainable market leadership position.



Componence is a specialized Enterprise 2.0 solutions provider with Portal and mashup technologies. Componence believes in the strengths of Web 2.0 and how the use of solve many organizational issues within the Public Domain. Componence specializes in Government 2.0, Publishing 2.0, Media 2.0 and Health 2.0 solutions. To ensure faster Time To Market and lower development costs Componence delivers out-of-the-box components, portlets & mashup panels, for Enterprise portal and mashup solutions.

For more information on Componence, please visit www.componence.com

Coeur IT Limited

Coeur IT Limited is a professionally managed company with a mission to deliver 'best in class' software services. Coeur IT operates from its headquarters in Colchester giving easy access to London. Management at Coeur IT has vast experience in managing programmes for very large projects around the world. Coeur IT and ZANEC have forged a joint venture relationship to deliver our vision of a premium IT development capability, a 'Best in Class' onshore/offshore model.

Our end customers can leverage the combined skills and shared experiences of Coeur IT and ZANEC by taking advantage of best on-site programme management and client relationship skills and best off-shore technology skills. These skills are complimented by delivery experience in large scale applications to the most demanding users.

For more information on Coeur IT, please visit www.coeurit.com

Origin Infosys


Origin Infosys, started in 1993 and with current turnover of over USD 50 million is a leader in providing high quality IT services and Infrastructure with a single stop solution for all IT requirements. Origin has Business Partnership with leading companies like IBM, Lenovo, HP, LG, HCL infinity and Sony and also authorized resellers of Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Wipro, HP, D-Link, Samsung, APC and other reputed brands.

We at ZANEC leverage our partnership with Origin Infosys and Origin's business partners' network for establishing quality infrastructure and related services to help us accelerate the delivery.

For more information on Origin Infosys, please visit www.originitfs.com

InFI - Our Human Capital Development Partner

InFI institute for Industry

ZANEC partnered with InFI to recruit professional Web2 and Application developers. These “Professionalization Programs” are extremely effective to have productive and professional developers. Our partnership not only saved time and money but also helped on getting right people at right time onto projects.

InFI built a solution for which there is no alternative, it’s approach got us the junior developers with skills what we needed at that point of time. InFI teams are not only technology exposed, but also aware of process, tools and methodology relevant to the role and practiced at ZANEC.

InFI had helped us with

  • Web2 Developers (MS Platform) –May 2009
  • Java Application Developers - June 2010
  • .NET Application Developers - July 2010
  • MS Sharepoint Developers - Dec 2010 (Currently in Dev)
  • MS Sharepoint Testers - Dec 2010 (Currently in Dev)

InFI partnership is very valuable for us and all our entry level developers are prepared as per the ZANEC job descriptions.

About InFI

InFI (Institute for Industry), a world-class learning organization built on rich global industry experience, peerless infrastructure and thoughtful curriculum covering both technical and soft-skills; which can consistently produce readily deployable talent.

While academic organizations are working at creating skill pool, InFI will focus on attracting the skilled work force and making them job ready, productive, and ready to deploy valuable human capital for selective high demand industries.

InFI mentoring programs are built on role specific, domain oriented (flavored) hands on curriculum delivered by the industry practitioners who excel in their jobs (roles being taught) . Each program is designed and built with three very important factors to make a graduate, a productive professional:

  • Domain (IT, Healthcare, retails etc..)
  • Role ( Developer, tester, administrator etc)
  • Tools and Technology

For more information on InFI, please visit www.in4i.com