Green IT

We recognise the importance of reducing our environmental footprint and as ZANEC family we are committed to undertake a number of steps to make our office, business and life outside work sustainable and ethical. Towards this goal we are committed to taking a number steps:

  • Promote awareness amongst our staff, families and friends the importance of sustainability issue and how we can make a difference both as a business and as individuals
  • Explore ways of off-setting carbon footprint generated by ZANEC families and implement the most effective and practical methods
  • Use recycled paper for our all our purposes as much practically as possible
  • Ensure that all printers, computers, lights and other electrical equipment are switched off every evening and when not required
  • Reduce personal and office waste, aiming to recycle as much as possible
  • Commit to contracting with green suppliers where possible
  • Communicate our commitment to our customers, suppliers, partners and public
  • Assess our carbon foot print following the methods available over a period of time
  • Set goals for carbon foot print reduction which are applicable to our business
  • Commit to regularly reviewing our green program and goals